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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Security of your personal information is of utmost importance to us and we will go the extra mile to ensure that the personal information that you provide us while accessing certain premium services/products, remains strictly confidential. Our privacy policy explains you about how we collect, store and disclose your “Personally identifiable information” (PII) that you share with us.

We fully respect your privacy and take adequate measures to protect your personal data

We are strongly obligated to safeguard your confidential information and have necessary security mechanism to protect it from unauthorized access, phishing, and data theft. We adhere to the strictest security principles and comply with some of the most widely accepted security norms and regulations in the cyber world. Earning and winning the trust of our clients is our topmost priority, hence we will never share your personal information with outsiders for our own commercial gain. Please go through our privacy policy carefully to have a clear insight into it.

Type of user-information that we are entitled to collect

How we collect information

Use of Tracking Cookies

We are also authorized to use cookies and other tools to extract information about you. But we will take your consent before we use them for information collection. Additionally, the right to reject or accept cookies lies exclusively with you. If you don’t want certain cookies on your browser you can simply turn it off.

How we use information

The information that you provide us willingly or unwillingly will be used for fulfilling the following tasks.

Circumstances in which we have to share/disclose your personal identifiable information(PII)

Once we get hold of your personal data we will leave no stone unturned to live up to your expectation, by protecting every bit of information that you share with us. But there are situations where we have to share/disclose your information with our allied service providers or law enforcement agencies. Here are some typical situations where we have to share/disclose your personal information:

How to contact us

We believe where there is transparency there is trust, whenever you feel that your privacy is breached or your personal information is used for some other purpose other than the mentioned above, please feel free to contact us on company’s contact number or email id. We will do our best to address your individual concern.

Changes to our privacy policy

Every once in a while, we modify and revise our privacy policy to accommodate new products/services, technologies, regulatory practices or for some other purposes. If any such material changes are made to our policy we will post it on our website, and we will also notify you via e-mail before they become effective.

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