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Which one to choose: Free or Premium WordPress Theme???


Which one to choose: Free or Premium WordPress Theme???
As a beginner, it is often very confusing as to which one to choose: a free WordPress Theme or a premium WordPress Theme. We are here to make it easier for you to choose between the two by considering the pros and cons of both. As everything has two aspects: good and bad, so do free and premium themes.
Pros of Free WordPress Themes:
• As these are free, beginners can download any WordPress theme and experiment with it until they get a theme which perfectly suits their requirements.
• Though they are free doesn’t mean that you have to compromise with the quality. Free themes in directory are reviewed by WordPress Theme Review Team. A theme gets a place in WordPress theme directory only when it complies with the standards of the WordPress Theme Directory. The theme has to pass all the tests of this team.
• Free themes are generally lightweight as they are not burdened with high-level functionality of plug-ins. This makes your website speedy and who doesn’t want that!!!
• Free WordPress themes are made keeping in mind that a layman should also be able to use them; hence they are easy to use.

Cons of Free WordPress Themes:
• Since free themes do not use much of the advanced functionality and amazing features they may not be useful to you if you wish to give an extra edge to your website.
• They lack uniqueness as millions of people are using the same theme as that of yours on their website. If you want your website to stand among others free themes may not be an option for you.
• Free themes lack support which means if you get stuck while using it you may not get anyone to troubleshoot it for free though there are various platforms where you can report your problem but they are not obliged to answer your query. You may ultimately end up paying a developer for help.
• Free WordPress themes downloaded from other than WordPress Theme Directory may cause a security threat to your website as the code is not reliable. They may not prove as secure as premium themes.

Pros of Premium WordPress Themes:
• Premium WordPress themes are customizable. You can modify them according to your requirements.
• They include high-level functionality and advanced features which not only make your site stand out among other websites but also make it more performance efficient.
• Since you have paid for it, theme vendors offer support and time-to-time updates for it. You don’t need to scratch your head for any problem you face, theme vendors are there at your service.
• These prove more secure for your website as developers don’t want to shut their business by providing buggy code to customers.
Cons of Premium WordPress Themes:
• Sometimes in order to attract more users to buy their themes, developers use a lot of features and functionality which may not be useful to you. It will only make your website slower.
• Since these theme vendors don’t have to comply with the guidelines of WordPress Theme standards, you may end up buying a poorly coded theme which will only waste your money.
• For buying a premium WordPress theme you have to burn a hole in your pocket.

Final Thoughts
So after going through all these points, you can easily decide which theme you have to buy. Whether you want to get accustomed to the working of WordPress and its themes by trying different free themes or you want advanced functionality for your site; you want a pocket-friendly theme or a theme which comes with support. When you have figured out these answers you can easily choose a theme which best suits your requirements.

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